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China Wholesale lcd 16x2 i2c/arduino Character Display Modules Supplier & Manufacturer - Oriental


As a top China factory for 16x2 character displays, Oriental provides customizable LCD module solutions designed to exact specifications along with competitive pricing and reliable delivery.

China wholesale character display module supplier Oriental Technology offers customizable and innovative 16x2 character and graphic LCD displays produced in our factory located in Shenzhen, Guangdong province. With over 8 years of expertise designing and manufacturing LCD modules for devices across industries, we provide extensive options to meet diverse character display needs.

Oriental's wide selection of standard and custom 16x2 character and graphic display modules enables precise matching to technical specifications and functionality requirements. We utilize advanced LCD technologies to deliver high-quality 16x2 character displays with flexible configuration of size, resolution, temperature range, character sets, backlighting, and more. Our experienced engineering team can also design fully tailored 16x2 character display solutions for unique applications based on customer specifications.

As a leading 16x2 character display module factory, Oriental leverages substantial in-house capabilities spanning product design, lean manufacturing, quality control, and responsive customer service to produce reliable character display modules from start to finish in our Shenzhen production facility. By maintaining end-to-end control of the 16x2 character display production process while also offering extensive customization options, we can meet diverse customer needs with rapid turnarounds at competitive wholesale pricing.

When you choose Oriental as your trusted 16x2 character display module supplier and manufacturing partner, you gain access to significant advantages including: long-term partnerships with thoroughly evaluated suppliers, unbeatable cost-performance ratios, proven on-time delivery even for large orders, and attentive guidance throughout device integration, piloting, and post-sales support. With a customer-focused approach centered on crafting mutually beneficial relationships, Oriental creates stable, win-win collaborations that promote joint success. That’s why leading global electronics companies rely on Oriental as their premier source for 16x2 character display modules.

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Character Display: Character displays are required in almost all industry sectors. With Oriental Technology, your focus is on quality, ensuring that you always make the best choice! Our logistic service for standard products offers you maximum flexibility: irrespective of size, resolution, temperature, character sets and backlighting colours.If you can't find a standard product that fits your particular needs, we will be happy to develop a customised module based on your specific requirements.

Oriental Part No.Display DotstOutline DimensionsViewing AreaViewing AreaDot PitchDot SizeViewing AngleController
LCM0802A-YG/B/F8×258.0×32.0x13.538.0×15.327.8×11.50.60×0.700.56×0.666H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM1601A-YG/B/F16×180.0×36.0x12.564.5×14.059.5×6.40.65×0.800.60×0.756H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM1602C-YG/B/F16×280.0×36.0x12.565.0×16.056.2×11.50.60×0.700.55×0.666H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM1602B-YG/B/F16×2122.0×44.0x13.599.0×24.094.8×20.00.98×1.160.92×1.106H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM2002A-YG/B/F20×2116.0×37.0x12.883.0×18.576.8×11.40.66×0.680.61×0.636H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM2004A-YG/B/F20×498.0×60.0x13.576.0×26.070.4×20.80.6×0.60.56×0.566H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM2004B-YG/B/F20×4146.0×62.5×14.0123.5×43.0118.8×38.50.98×1.160.92×1.106H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM4002A-YG/B/F40×2182.0×33.5×12.5154.5×15.8147.5×11.50.65×0.700.60×0.656H/12HST7066U or EQV
LCM4004A-YG/B/F40×4190.0×54.0x15.0147.0×29.5140.5×23.160.57×0.620.50×0.556H/12HST7066U or EQV