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China top LCD Display / LCD Module / OLED Display Supplier & Manufacturer - Oriental

As a professional China top LCD display manufacturer and LCD module supplier located in Shenzhen, Oriental LCD has over 16 years of extensive experience producing high quality LCDs and OLED displays for customers worldwide. With advanced production technology and strong R&D capabilities, the company has established itself as an innovative industry leader providing reliable and cost-effective LCD display solutions.

Oriental LCD operates a large LCD display factory in Shenzhen utilizing the latest equipment and Lean manufacturing practices to achieve high volume production. With sizable daily capacity and seasoned engineering expertise, Oriental LCD delivers customizable LCD displays and modules that integrate seamlessly with customers’ products and systems. The company implements comprehensive quality control throughout manufacturing and ensures all LCD displays and modules meet stringent standards prior to shipment.

As a China top LCD module manufacturer and supplier, Oriental LCD produces both standard and customizable LCD modules featuring COG (chip-on-glass) bonding technology for excellent reliability and long service life. The company manufactures LCD modules in a wide range of sizes including models with 16x2 lines, 16x4 lines, 20x2 lines and 20x4 lines. Oriental LCD possesses the technical capabilities to develop and manufacture innovative LCD modules according to customers’ specifications at cost-effective prices.

Oriental LCD offers several key strengths that set the company apart as a leading China top OLED display and LCD display manufacturer:

  • Large scale production capacity with modern facility in Shenzhen
  • Advanced R&D expertise for cutting-edge display design and engineering
  • Complete range of value-added services and exceptional customer support
  • Effective quality assurance processes to guarantee display quality
  • Highly responsive lead times and reliable on-time delivery
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing for enhanced customer savings
  • Turnkey design, manufacturing and logistic solutions for LCD displays and modules

As a China top LCD module supplier, Oriental LCD provides a diverse selection of high quality standard and customizable LCD modules in various dimensions. Configuration options include display color, resolution, backlighting, viewing angle, interface types and more to address customers’ specific application requirements. The expert engineering team helps customers select and integrate the ideal display or module to match project goals and system constraints. For challenging OEM projects requiring a custom-tailored solution, Oriental LCD leverages in-depth LCD and OLED display design experience to deliver innovative products that enhance customers’ system performance and usability.

Throughout its 16+ years history supplying global customers, Oriental LCD has earned recognition as a reliable and professional China top LCD display and module manufacturer capable of fulfilling challenging customer demands. The company combining its talented engineering resources and mass production capabilities in Shenzhen to provide a single vendor solution for enterprises and organizations seeking specialty LCD or OLED displays with demanding technical specifications and stringent quality standards. Many leading manufacturers around the world trust Oriental LCD to provide exceptionally engineered LCD display and module technology solutions to help differentiate product offerings within competitive markets.

With extensive expertise across lcd display technologies and related manufacturing processes, combined with strong customer focus, Oriental LCD has become a trusted partner to OEM clients across various industries including medical equipment, automotive, industrial automation, test and measurement, GPS equipment, point of sale systems and digital signage. The company works closely with customers from initial design through mass production to jointly develop optimized LCD displays and modules that enhance end product performance and usability. By leveraging the latest display innovations from its skilled R&D team, Oriental LCD helps customers integrate cutting-edge display technology into next-generation products that deliver exceptional viewing experiences, graphics and information displays.

As a professional China top LCD module supplier, Oriental LCD provides specialized value-added services at its factory in Shenzhen to simplify display integration for customers worldwide:

• Design support during product development

• Custom engineering and tooling

• Programming/coding of firmware or presentation formats

• Supply chain coordination and logistic support

• Convenient global shipment from manufacturing hubs

With advanced production technology, seasoned technical expertise and strong customer focus, Oriental LCD offers global OEM enterprises customized LCD display solutions designed to tackle project challenges and promote marketplace success. The company has gained customer trust through years of successful engagements by providing exceptional display quality, timely fulfillment and sincere commitment to customer satisfaction.



Highest Quality Standard Displays-Monochrome Displays.
As a Manufacturer, Oriental Technology provides technical support for the development of every type and class of LCD, from the design stage right through to the production phase, while guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Our products can be customized for various applications and market sectors, including: automotive, medical, building automation, white goods, digital signage, security, transportation and industrial.
By choosing the leading monochrome LCD technology you can ensure that your products stand out from your competitors'. Oriental Technology is able to help its customers choose the display that best suits their needs from the various types of available monochrome LCD technologies, including: TN,HTN,STN, FSTN, DFSTN,VATN and Bi-Stable LCD.

Our group of engineers will work closely with your design team to ensure that your product has been designed carefully and with the maximum visual impact, so that the end product is in line with the pre-determined price and quality objectives.


More than just high-quality LCD product,Oriental Technology also leads the way when it comes to listening and responding to its customers' needs and requirements, from the initial stages of product development through to the end product.


At Oriental Technology the relationship between technology and environment is of fundamental importance, which is why the company has adopted a policy of selecting its suppliers based on traceability of materials and compliance with sustainability standards.