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China STN / FSTN / TN liquid crystal display technology - Oriental

Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Oriental LCD has extensive expertise in liquid crystal display (LCD) technology and has been providing high-quality LCD products and solutions to customers worldwide for over 16 years. As a professional LCD display manufacturer and supplier in China, Oriental LCD specializes in producing LCD modules and panels utilizing advanced display technologies including STN, FSTN and TN designs to meet various application requirements in a cost-effective manner.

As a leader in China STN liquid crystal display technology, Oriental LCD possesses specialized capabilities to engineer and manufacture STN LCD displays featuring simple drive schemes and affordable pricing. The company adopts rigorous quality assurance processes during STN LCD production using proven manufacturing principles and advanced LCD equipment at its sizable facility in Shenzhen. Oriental LCD ensures its STN LCDs and LCD modules conform to customers’ exact specifications while maintaining consistently high quality standards.

Oriental LCD also stands out as a premier source of China FSTN liquid crystal display technology due to its extensive expertise in the design and fabrication of high-contrast, fast-response FSTN LCDs. The company’s proficient engineering team incorporates cutting-edge display innovations to develop customizable FSTN LCD solutions with wide viewing angles and superior display performance compared to traditional STN designs. With access to the latest display advancements from its skilled R&D professionals, Oriental LCD helps customers embrace superior FSTN technology to enhance end-product features and market competitiveness.

Additionally, Oriental LCD provides exceptional capabilities in advanced China TN liquid crystal display technology used in high-resolution TFT LCDs. The company utilizes exclusive partnerships with industry-leading panel manufacturers to source high-quality TN LCD glass at cost-effective prices. Oriental LCD integrates reliable TN panels and proprietary drive electronics into customizable LCD module solutions purpose-built to address customers’ size, interface, color and resolution requirements. The company’s turnkey TN LCD design, sourcing and manufacturing services simplify display integration for customers across industries.

As a China STN liquid crystal display technology specialist, Oriental LCD offers various value-added solutions to promote customers’ speed-to-market and product success:

• Design support during product development

• Custom engineering for unique display requirements

• Programming and coding of firmware/presentation formats

• Volume procurement of LCD components and accessories

• Supply chain coordination and global logistic support

The company provides specialized LCD development and composition capabilities required to tackle the most technology challenges – from concept to high-volume production. By engaging with Oriental LCD’s engineering team early in the design cycle, customers can leverage leading China STN, FSTN and TN liquid crystal display technology to gain a competitive advantage in global electronics, industrial equipment and medical device markets. From wearables and IoT gadgets to commercial systems, home appliances and automotive electronics, Oriental LCD delivers state-of-the-art and affordable LCD display solutions optimized to enhance next-generation products worldwide.

With advanced production technology, seasoned technical expertise and customer focus, Oriental LCD offers exceptional China STN liquid crystal display technology capabilities:

• High-quality STN LCDs featuring simple drive requirements

• Cost-effective graphical and character STN LCD modules

• Custom-tailored STN displays purpose-built for applications

• Seamless integration assistance and design expertise

With extensive experience across FSTN LCD technologies and mass production expertise, Oriental LCD provides global customers high-performing China FSTN liquid crystal display technology solutions:

• High-contrast FSTN LCDs with fast response times

• Wide-viewing-angle FSTN module options

• Brilliant color and superior greyscale performance

• Turnkey FSTN LCD engineering and manufacturing

Leveraging exclusive partnerships with TFT LCD panel producers, Oriental LCD delivers feature-rich China TN liquid crystal display technology:

• High-resolution color TFT LCD options

• Ultra slim profile TN LCD glass

• Energy-efficient LED backlights and electronics

• One-stop TN LCD sourcing, design and production

With commitment to LCD innovation leadership and customer success, Oriental LCD offers unparalleled China STN, FSTN and TN liquid crystal display technology solutions suitable for integration across global electronics sectors.

LCD Features and Types

LCD Features

Lightweight and slim designs
Low power consumption
Custom symbols and patterns easily included
High contrast in sunlight and wide viewing angle
Easy mounting and assembly
Wide range of applications

Liquid Crystal Display Modes

Lcd Type Color Mode Dot Color Background Color Structure
STNYellow-GreenDark BlueYellow-Green
Light GrayDark BlueLight Gray
Singl FSTNBlack & White
Double FSTNBlack & White

Type of LCD

TN Type | HTN Type | STN Type | FSTN Type | BMC Type


Twisted Nematic (TN) LCD In a quiescent state, display has a 90° twist in the alignment of the liquid crystal molecules at the transition between the surfaces of the two glass substrates.Polarizers attached to the outer surface of the substrates are oriented to allow light to pass through the display. When activated selectively by an electric field, the activated segments align to the field and no longer twist light passing through the display creating a contrast between on and off states.

Reflective Type Transmissive Type Transflective Type

Connector and Mounting Methods

*Requires ambient light

*Requires backlight

*Uses ambient and/or backlighting

Rubber Connector

◆ Structure
◆ Connecting Method
◆ Pitch

Pin |Connector

◆ Structure
◆ Connecting Method
◆ Pitch

Heat Seal Connector

◆ Structure
◆ Connecting Method
◆ Pitch


(Tape Automatic Bonding)

◆ Structure
◆ Connecting Method
◆ Pitch


(Chip On Glass)

◆ Structure
◆ Connecting Method
◆ Pitch