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China wholesale lcd 128x64  / 16x4 supplier & manufacturer - Oriental

China wholesale lcd 128x64 supplier and China wholesale lcd 128x64 manufacturer Oriental Technology offers extensive customization of lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 character LCD displays at our state-of-the-art factory in Shenzhen, China. As a leading specialist in LCD design, development and manufacturing for over 8 years, we leverage cutting-edge production techniques and in-house expertise to deliver optimized COG lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 screens for flawless integration into finished products across industries.

With an innovative mindset and dedication to advancing display technologies, our lcd 16x4 company pioneers cutting-edge COG lcd 16x4 solutions to empower electronics manufacturers worldwide. We utilize advanced methodologies like chip-on-glass to enhance durability, energy efficiency and visual clarity within compact lcd 16x4 and lcd 128x64 form factors. Our talented engineering teams draw on their extensive knowledge to fully customize every parameter of the cog lcd displays based on unique project goals and use case requirements, from dimensions and resolution down to temperature range and touch capabilities.

As a premier China lcd 128x64 supplier, Oriental’s wholesale lcd 16x4 and lcd 128x64 product lineup provides exceptionally flexible COG configurations spanning 1-8 lines of characters and over 100 interface options to choose from. We offer lcd 16x4 sizes down to 1 inch for miniature applications up to expansive 5 inch lcd 128x64 displays with resolutions ranging from 96x16 to 480x128 pixels. Yellow, green, blue and white LED backlights are professionally optimized to deliver superior visibility and readability for the intended lcd 16x4 and lcd 128x64 application environments. We also provide complete LCD solutions encompassing integrated driver boards, cables and connectors for true turnkey cog lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 monitor installations.

With vast expertise producing lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 displays for global shipment, Oriental maintains rigorous quality assurance processes to comply with international electronics standards worldwide. Our commitment to deeply understanding unique cog lcd 16x4 requirements allows us to swiftly transform product concepts into physical LCD reality. With prompt bilingual customer service and transparent manufacturing procedures, we make professional-grade, customizable lcd 16x4 solutions easily accessible for electronics innovators across sectors and regions.

As your trusted wholesale lcd 128x64 partner, Oriental provides comprehensive guidance and support from initial prototype development to mass production and global logistics coordination. Partnering with our exceptional China lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 display company unlocks exclusive advantages including:

● Cost-efficient lcd 128x64 pricing with high-quality components

● Extensive COG customization expertise backed by our skilled engineering team

● Proactive technical lcd 16x4 consultation and troubleshooting

● Unparalleled lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 craftsmanship and quality control

● Seamless scalability from proof-of-concept samples to high-volume manufacturing

For premium, made-to-order lcd 128x64 and lcd 16x4 solutions tailored to your unique product goals, trust Oriental as your long-term COG display partner of choice. Contact our exceptional China wholesale lcd 128x64 supplier and China wholesale lcd 16x4 manufacturer today to get started!


COG (chip-on-glass) LCD modules are available in a wide range of resolutions. COG technology displays offer the advantages of low weight and low power consumption. Contact is via a FPC connector or pin. We will be happy to develop a customised module based on your specific requirements.

Oriental Part No.Display DotstOutline DimensionsViewing AreaViewing AreaDot PitchDot SizeViewing AngleControllerNotes
12864A-OX003744A128×6428.47×19.48×1.8026.58×14.8625.58×14.060.22×0.200.20×0.186HST7567AWithout Backlight
12864B-OX003552B128×6469.0×50.0x2.865.5×38.060.77×32.90.515×0.4750.49×0.4512HST7567SWithout Backlight
12864N-OX000033N128×6476.1×50.6×2.070.7×38.866.54×33.240.52×0.520.48×0.486HST7567SWithout Backlight
12864C-OX002203C128×6456.7×37.5×2.853.8×28.848.6×24.90.38×0.390.35×0.366HST7567Without Backlight
19264J-OX001003J192×6452.0×24.5×2.050.0×17.547.98×15.980.25×0.250.23×0.236HUC1609CWithout Backlight
160160A-OX003718A160×16064.0×69.9×2.060.0×60.054.38×54.380.34×0.340.32×0.326HST75161Without Backlight
128128S-OX00421S128×12849.0×55.0x2.845.4×43.938.37×40.930.32×0.300.295×0.2756HWithout Backlight
240160A-OX004095A240×16097.0×76.0x2.890.0×62.083.95×55.950.35×0.350.30×0.306HUC1698UWithout Backlight