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Custom Glass LCD Display

China wholesale glass lcd display supplier & manufacturer - Oriental  

China wholesale glass lcd display supplier and China wholesale glass lcd manufacturer Oriental Technology specializes in fully customizable glass lcd display solutions tailored to precise specifications at our factory in Shenzhen, Guangdong. With over 8 years developing innovative display technologies for leading electronics brands worldwide, we leverage unrivaled LCD design and manufacturing expertise to offer best-in-class custom glass lcd displays.

Oriental’s customizable glass lcd display product line spans a wide selection of display modes including TN, HTN, STN, FSTN and VATN. We deliver optimal visual performance across applications with flexible design configurations enabling compact form factors down to 0.5" up to expansive 7" glass lcd displays. Our talented engineering teams optimize and produce each glass lcd display solution to achieve key objectives around dimensions, resolution, color reproduction, viewing angles, temperature resistance and more based on individual project needs.

As your experienced glass lcd display partner, Oriental leverages substantial in-house capabilities to seamlessly guide custom projects from initial concept to volume production. By handling the entire glass lcd display development lifecycle in our Shenzhen facility while providing extensive customization options, we can rapidly manufacture innovative glass lcd displays that integrate flawlessly into your products. Our commitment to understanding unique requirements allows us to deliver glass lcd display visualizations that align with your product roadmap.

Partnering with Oriental as your dependable glass lcd display supplier and manufacturing resource provides transformative advantages including cost-efficient pricing with lower expense than LCD modules, optical excellence through design optimized for intended display purpose, proactive design guidance from industry experts in display engineering, unparalleled craftsmanship and quality control throughout production, and scalability to progress quickly from prototypes to mass manufacturing.

With a collaborative approach focused on long-term partnerships versus one-off transactions, Oriental creates mutually successful relationships with electronics innovators across sectors. Trust Oriental as your end-to-end glass lcd display solution provider to make your product vision a reality.


Lowest Cost – Custom glass LCD solutions are typically less expensive than LCD module,OLED display and TFT display,Many Size Options, Flexible design requirements allow for a wide range of size options for custom glass LCD. Design can be as small as 0.5″ and as large as 7″,Display modes are TN, HTN, STN, FSTN and VATN.