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China high quality 240x128 Graphic LCD Display Modules suppliers & factories  - Oriental

China wholesale graphic display supplier and manufacturer Oriental Technology is an experienced provider of custom graphic displays in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China. With over 8 years of industry experience, Oriental has become a leading graphic display supplier across Europe, North America, and East Asia by utilizing advanced LCD and LCM technologies.

Oriental offers the widest selection of cutting-edge graphic displays that deliver high visual impact, including monochromatic and color LCD modules with practically unlimited customization options for size, resolution, color, technology, and backlighting. This extensive, high-quality product line means we can meet almost any graphic display requirement. If you need a fully custom solution tailored to your unique specifications, our experienced engineering team has the skills to develop specialized graphic display modules to fulfill your exact needs.

As a trusted graphic display factory, Oriental leverages expertise across design, production, quality assurance, and customer service to manufacturer innovative graphic displays from start to finish, maintaining full control over product quality while providing the flexibility to meet diverse customer needs with speed and scalability. With a deep commitment to understanding customer challenges and objectives, we work as an integrated partner to deliver ideal graphic display solutions that integrate seamlessly into next-generation products and systems.

When you choose Oriental as your go-to graphic display supplier and factory, you gain access to exclusive advantages including: carefully audited material suppliers, competitive wholesale graphic display pricing, a stellar record of on-time delivery, and end-to-end guidance throughout product selection, purchasing, manufacturing, and post-sales support. With a customer-centric philosophy focused on crafting win-win relationships, Oriental creates long-term, stable partnerships that drive mutual success. That’s why major international corporations rely on Oriental Technology as a trusted graphic display partner.

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Graphic Display With the widest range of monochromatic and colour LCD modules, there are practically no limits to your requests: Oriental Technology offers you the highest quality and our products are guaranteed to satisfy almost any request in terms of size, resolution, colour, technology and backlighting. This means that you are almost certain to find a display that suits your needs.If you can't find a standard product that fits your particular needs, we will be happy to develop a customised module based on your specific requirements.

Oriental Part No.Display DotstOutline DimensionsViewing AreaViewing AreaDot PitchDot SizeViewing AngleController
LCM12232A-YG/B/F122×3284.0×44.0x13.060.0×18.048.8×15.30.40×0.450.36x.0416H/12HSBN1661G or EQV
LCM12832A-YG/B/F128×32110.0×65.0x14.576.0×25.072.9×18.20.57×0.570.52×0.526H/12HS6B0108 or EQV
LCM12864C-YG/B/F128×6478.0×70.0x12.562.0×44.056.3×38.40.44×0.600.4×0.566H/12HAIP31108 or EQV
LCM12864J-YG/B/F128×6493.0×70.0x13.570.7×38.066.5×33.20.52×0.520.48×0.486H/12HAIP1108 or EQV
LCM16032B-YG/B/F160×32122.0×44.0x13.099.0×24.094.4×18.80.6×0.590.55×0.566H/12HST7920 or EQV
LCM19264A-YG/B/F192×64130.0×65.0x13.0104.0×39.097.5×32.50.508×0.5080.468×0.4686H/12HS6B0108 or EQV
LCM24064A-YG/B/F192×64180.0×65.0x12.5132.0×39.0127.2×33.880.53×0.530.49×0.496H/12HT6963C or EQV
LCM240128A1-YG/B/F240×128144.0×104.0x11.5115.0×65.0108×57.60.40×0.400.45×0.456H/12HRA8835AP3N or EQV
LCM320240B-YG/B/F320×240160.0×109.0x11.0122.0×92.0115.2×86.40.36×0.360.33×0.336H/12HRA8835AP3N or EQV