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China Wholesale OLED Display Module Supplier & Manufacturer of Custom Solutions - Oriental

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Wholesale OLED Display Module Supplier and China Wholesale OLED Display Module Manufacturer Oriental Electronic Technology (International) Co., Limited excels as a leader in supplying and manufacturing customizable OLED display modules exported globally for use in consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices and more.

With over 8 years of industry experience, China custom OLED Display Module supplier Oriental pursues healthy, stable and rapid development as an established OLED Display Module Company. By integrating dedication, innovation and team spirit into our corporate culture, we aim to become an internationally leading electronics company known for stable growth and technological excellence.

Our OLED Display Module Supplier factory covering 800 square meters houses over 200 skilled employees, granting us the capacity and expertise to deliver top-quality OLED solutions. Our team includes experts, professors and senior engineers with extensive theoretical and practical experience in cutting-edge display technologies, ensuring we can meet even the most complex customization and technical requirements.

As a leading OLED Display Module Manufacturer, Oriental’s OLED display modules are exported to over 20 countries across Europe, North and South America and Asia. With extensive experience conforming to international product standards and quality expectations, we are ready to expand into additional markets as your global OLED Display Module Supplier partner. Our technical experts also provide personalized pre-sales and post-sales support to ensure your complete satisfaction.

We believe business should be mutually beneficial for all parties involved at our OLED Display Module Manufacturer company. Our core aim is attaining the highest quality and balancing customer needs with sustainable, ethical practices. We regularly improve systems and processes to enhance transparency, competitiveness and supply chain stability. Your success is our shared success.

Choosing Oriental as your OLED Display Module Supplier grants exclusive access to carefully audited suppliers, highly competitive pricing, tailored integrated display systems, in-depth market insights and technology trends, flexible customizable ordering and production, and complete guidance and support across the product selection, purchase and post-purchase cycle.

With a passion for pushing OLED and LCD technology forward, our OLED Display Module Manufacturer creates electronic displays that seamlessly integrate into your specific products and applications, whether in consumer electronics, automotive, medical devices or other cutting-edge industries. Contact Oriental today to explore how our OLED and LCD innovations from this China custom OLED Display Module supplier can unlock new possibilities as a leading China Wholesale OLED Display Module Supplier and China Wholesale OLED Display Module Manufacturer.


OLED Display Oriental Technology is a leading supplier of the latest technology products, such as OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) displays, on both glass or flexible film substrates. OLED displays are brighter, thinner, faster and lighter than their LCD counterparts and feature significantly better contrast. Oriental Technology offers a wide range of small and medium OLED display products, ranging from 0.66"up to 3.12", as well as customised OLED displays.

Size Inch Oriental Part No. Display Dotst Outline Dimensions Viewing Area Viewing Area Dot Pitch Dot Size Viewing Angle Controller
0.66″ OLED6628W/B 64×48 18.46×18.1×1.5 15.42×12.06 13.42×10.06 0.21×0.21 0.19×0.19 ALL SSD1306
0.87″ OLED8715W/B 128×32 29.0×8.7×1.2 23.356×7.324 21.356×5.324 0.167×0.167 0.147×0.147 ALL SSD1316
0.96″ OLED9630B/Y 128×64 26.70×19.26×1.45 23.74×13.2 21.74×11.2 0.17×0.17 0.154×0.154 ALL SSD1306
1.3″ OLED13030W/B 128×64 34.5×23.0x1.45 31.42×16.70 29.42×14.70 0.23×0.23 0.21×0.21 ALL SH1106G
1.32″ OLED13225W 128×96 32.5×29.2×1.61 28.86×22.14 26.86×20.14 0.21×0.21 0.19×0.19 ALL SSD1327
1.54″ OLED15424W 128×64 42.04×27.22×1.4 37.052×19.516 35.052×17.516 0.274×0.274 0.254×0.254 ALL SPD0301
2.23″ OLED22324W/B/Y 128×32 62×24 x2.0 57.2×15.1 55.02×13.1 0.43×0.41 0.41×0.39 ALL SSD1305
3.12″ OLED31230W 256×64 88×27.8×2.0 78.78×21.18 76.78x 19.18 0.3×0.3 0.28×0.28 ALL SSD1322UR1