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China Custom 16 * 2 Lcd Display Supplier & Manufacturer

As a leading 16 * 2 lcd display provider located in Shenzhen, China, Oriental Technology offers customized TN, STN, COG, and TFT screens for various applications with quality assurance and global delivery. with 20+ years of expertise, we provide effective LCD solutions.

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What Distinguishes An I2C LCD from A Standard LCD?

The I2C LCD InterfacingI2C LCDs have the benefit of simple cabling and just requiring two data pins to drive the LCD. Over ten connections are needed for a typical LCD, which can be a problem if your Arduino only has a limited number of GPIO pins.

What Is The Cost of A 16 X 2 I2C LCD?

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nation of origin China
Constflick Technologies Limited is located at Buildings 13 and 14, Third Floor, Second Main, Siddaiah Road, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560027, India.(Including all Taxes) MRP Rs. 66.08

What Is The Pinout of A 16 * 2 Alphanumeric LCD?

LCD 16x2 Display ModuleDescription Sr. No Pin No. Pin1 Pin 1 The LCD's ground pin is located here.The LCD's supply voltage pin is located on pin number two.Adjusts the LCD's contrast is 3 Pin 3.Toggle between Command/Data Register with 4 Pin 4five more rows•

How Can I Use An I2C Module to Connect A 16 by 2 LCD?

Serial I2C Interface Adapter (I2C)4 pins are facing the front while 16 pins are towards the back. SDA and SCL are two of the 16 pins used to connect to a 16x2 LCD display. Serial data pin SDA and clock pin SCL are interchangeable terms. the final two pins (Vcc and ground) are for the power supply.

What Is The 16x2 LCD's Resolution?

Square LED 16x2 Character LCD Display (JHD), 100 ppi, and 90 ppi.

What Distinguishes A 16 by 2 LCD from A 20 by 4 LCD?

Comparison of 16*2 and 20*4 LCD displays

Apart from the obvious fact that 20*4 can display 80 characters as opposed to 16*2, there aren't many distinctions between the two LCD screens.

What 16 * 2 I2C Does The LCD Play?

The I2C 16x2 Arduino LCD screen uses the I2C bus for communication. This means that the LCD just requires the following 4 pins: VCC, GND, DA, and CL. The Arduino board will include a minimum of 4 digital and analog pins. Every connector is an XH2 standard.

What Features Does A 16 * 2 LCD Module Usually Have?

An electronic display module called a 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display is utilized in numerous circuits and devices. It can display 32 letters (16 x 2=32), each of which is made up of 5 x 8 (40) pixel dots. It has 16 columns and 2 rows. Multi-segment light-emitting diodes are the primary technology used in this display.

For An Arduino Project, What Is A 16 by 2 LCD Display?

Overview of the LCD 16x2A 16-pin gadget called an LCD 16x2 has two rows with room for 16 characters apiece. You can use the LCD 16x2 in either 4-bit or 8-bit mode. Additionally, it is possible to make original characters. It contains 3 control lines that can be utilized for control in addition to the 8 data lines.

What Role Does A 16 by 2 LCD Play?

A 16x2 LCD has two rows of eight lines and can display 16 characters per row. Each character was represented by a 5x7 pixel matrix in the LCD. The 224 different characters and symbols that can be displayed on the 16 x 2 intelligent alphanumeric dot matrix display. The Command and Data registers are located on this LCD.

16 * 2 Lcd Display Products

China custom 16 * 2 lcd display

Blue, LCD 1602 16 x 2 Weewooday 8 Pieces IIC/ I2C/ TWI LCD Serial Interface Adapter and LCD Module Display Backlight Compatible with Arduino R3 MEGA2560

China custom 16 * 2 lcd display supplier & manufacturer

Blue Backlight 1602 16x2 LCD Module Shield with Serial IIC I2C Driver and LCD Module

16 * 2 lcd display supplier & manufacturer

Naughtystarts 2 pieces 1602A LCD Display Module DC 5V 16x2 Character HD44780 Controller LCM Blue Luminous for Arduino, Raspberry Pi Pico

For the UNO R3 MEGA2560, NOYITO 1602 16x2 LCD Module Shield Yellow-Green Backlight with IIC I2C Driver (Pack of 2). Yellow-green (1602 IIC Screen)

IIC I2C TWI 1602 Serial LCD Module Display, Aoicrie 16x2 2004 LCD Display Module with Serial Interface Adapter, for Mega 2560

New Type IIC TWI Serial 16x2 Display, Compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi Pico ESP32 ESP8266, FREENOVE I2C LCD 1602 Module (2 Pack),

The WWZMDiB 3Pcs I2C IIC 1602 LCD Display Module for the Arduino Raspberry Pi STM32 DIY Maker Project displays 16 X 02 characters.

Compatible with the Ar-duino UNO R3 MEGA2560 IIC/I2C/TWI LCD 1602 16x2 Serial Interface Adapter Module with Blue Backlight

for the Raspberry Pi/Pi Pico, Jetson Nano, and Arduino, waveshare 1602 LCD Display RGB Module 16x2 Characters 16M Colors RGB Backlight LCD Module, 3.3V/5V Compatible

Compatible with the Ar-duino UNO R3 MEGA2560 is the FainWan IIC/I2C/TWI 1602 Display Module 16x2 Serial Blue Backlight LCD Module.

Top Reviews


Really excellent value. 2 LCD panels with L2C boards already soldered on are included. a great space and time saver.


Great Work. If you can't see the characters, adjust the contrast using the switch on the back of the PCB! "8 pieces" is misleading. Four screens plus four interface boards equal four operational displays.

Justin S.

Nothing went wrong. Using an I2C controller is far more practical than having to wire each pin directly. So far, I've only needed to use one, so having three extra is wonderful.