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Oriental Technology as pioneering display experts based in Shenzhen offer global partners proven lcd backlight solutions balancing efficiency, luminance uniformity and compact footprints to meet strict industry requirements whether for consumer electronics or specialized commercial devices.

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What Does A TV Screen That Has Burned out Look like?

Screen burn manifests as a discolored display with gray or pink tones on a smartphone. It appears as a "ghosting" of earlier images that are still visible on TVs and monitors. The progressive nature of screen burn may go unnoticed until you use a white background.

How Can You Tell If Your Television Is Dead?

Ten Indices That Your Television Is Dying(br)It Abruptly Cuts Off.(br)The image is hazy.(br)There is a crackling sound coming from your TV.(br)Spots that flash are present.(br)The sound has completely stopped or turned fuzzily.(br)The screen has color blocks on it.(br)The Screen's On Time Is Taking Longer.The ports aren't working right.(br)Additional items:

What Is A TV Backlight's Lifespan?

This TV has a lot of parts from a component standpoint, but often the LEDs in its backlight will break first. The typical lifespan of an LED is 40,000 to 60,000 hours, or around 4.5 to 6.8 years, at maximum or close-to-maximum brightness.

How Much Does An LCD TV Backlight Replacement Cost?

Average costs to replace backlighting range from $100 to $150, replacement costs for burned-out bulbs range from $60 to $115, and the cost of a new inverter ranges from $100 to $200, parts and labor included.

Do LCD TVs Still Get Made?

The LCD technology has become so outdated that it is now difficult to get basic LCD TVs of any size, at least not in their original form. This is where LED-backlighting comes in; rather than having a single piece of backlight that has limited contrast, LED TVs are lit by, you guessed it, LEDs.

Which Kind of Television Has The Longest Life Span?

OLED TVs are more vibrant and have a better life span than QLEDs. Our TV expert claims that the majority of TV viewers watch for five to eight years.

How Can I Tell If My LCD TV Needs to Be Repaired?

Your flat-screen TV may be failing if it starts to display abnormalities such as bars, lines, dead pixels, and other irregularities. If it won't switch on, the sound is poor, or the screen keeps flickering or fading, it might also be dying.

How Can I Fix My TV's Black Screen of Death?

The Black Screen Of DeathA number of factors, such as a hardware or software issue, a power issue, or an issue with the HDMI connection, can cause this. In many cases, resetting the TV or returning it to its factory settings may resolve the black screen of death.

Why Is My LCD Screen Not Working?

A decrease in screen contrast, a non-functioning pixel or the entire display, and broken glass are common LCD failures. Different types of LCD playback issues necessitate different types of fixes, or the decision to repair may not be justified.

Can You Fix A Backlight?

It can be solved if the backlight or power supply are the issue. Typically, an older joint is broken due to a high voltage inverter circuitry issue, such as a defective power transformer, capacitor, or thermal damage. However, solving the issue immediately is frequently an option.

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Top Reviews

This definitely lights up my living room completely. I recently purchased it, and I adore that it has three on/off options: remote, app, and buttons at the socket. Its plug-in cord is also a good length. To be able to have the light on without always having the TV on, I chose to plug mine into an extension cable rather than straight into the television. For my 65" TV, I purchased the 13 feet. My advice is to tape lower than the TV edge by at least 6 inches (or better yet, measure instead of eyeballing it, which still worked out fine for me), since I almost got it completely around it. However, it was off by a few inches.

It was a simple installation procedure. The strips adhere to the wall with great ease. Before applying the strips, I did use some alcohol to clean the wall. My room was more than covered by the two rolls I had purchased. Approximately 10 feet by 10 feet, the two sections overlapped in my room. The hues are exquisite. It allows you to personalize three colors. I give the remote an eight out of ten. I'm happy with the product overall. They've been in tack for around five months now that I own them. The Bluetooth phone functionality didn't work for me, but it's still functional.

I bought two of them for my girls, ages nine and eleven. Using temporary double-sided tape helped us install the first set until we were satisfied with the coverage and placement (using your own tape is a headache). The entire room was covered in about an hour. The fact that the strips were long enough to accomplish what we desired astounded and delighted us. No connectors were used or cut. We just folded the strip onto itself at the corners. Works perfectly. We utilized the glue on the strip itself in our second room because we were so happy with how the first room turned out. Whoa! This was much quicker and more effective! After 20 minutes, the room was finished. We didn't scrub the wall or anything; we just blew off the dust from the window frames, and the glue stuck perfectly! The windows were closely encircled by the folded corners. Every LED in the two strips functioned flawlessly and looked fantastic. Amazing color and brightness spectrum that you can adjust with the remote and app. You may input your favorite colors into the custom buttons on the remote controls.