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China Custom & Top OLED Display Module Supplier & Factory

Oriental Technology in Shenzhen, Guangdong, is recognized as both a custom and top OLED Display Module supplier and factory. Established in 2012, we have carved a niche in customizing OLED display modules that cater to specific client requirements. Our ability to combine customization with top-quality production makes us a go-to choice for clients looking for tailored OLED display solutions. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach and commitment to delivering products that exceed expectations.

People May Ask

Do LCD And OLED Differ Significantly from One Another?

In comparison to LCD screens, OLED displays exhibit deeper blacks, better contrast ratios (1 million: 1 static versus 1,000: 1 for LCD screens), and lower power usage. They are also more accurate in terms of color. Blue OLEDs have a shorter lifespan and are more expensive, though.

OLED: Is It 4K Or 8K?

OLED TV from LG is available in 4K or 8K resolution. LG now produces two 8K TV lines: NanoCell and OLED. Full-array dimming and three sizes are available on LG NanoCell 8K TVs.

How Is OLED Superior to 4K?

When compared to 4k UHD LED TV, OLED has a noticeably wider and broader viewing angle. In contrast to LED, which still have shutters because of the screen's pixels, OLED has improved pixels with self-illumination capabilities. OLED is the victor in this category by a wide margin today.

Does A 1080p OLED Exist?

Most of the high-end screens feature a 1080p resolution and are OLED.

What Exactly Is A Malleable OLED Panel?

The 42-inch LG C2 brings nearly all of the LG OLED features we love to a larger screen that is perfect for movie or gaming enthusiasts who prefer a slower pace.

What Is The OLED's Limitation?

Advantage or disadvantage of OLED?It is more expensive than an LCD. It is susceptible to water, which means that water damage is a real possibility. OLED screens perform worse than LCD when exposed to direct sunlight. Degradation of the brightness overall.

What Variations Exist in OLED Display Sizes?

Winstar provides a wide selection of OLED display modules in sizes ranging from 0.49" to 5.5" OLED, including 0.49" micro OLED Display, 0.66" mini OLED Display, 0.69" OLED, 0.91" OLED Display, 0.95" OLED, 0.96" OLED Display, 1.5" OLED Display, 2" OLED, 2.4" OLED, 2.7" OLED Display, and 5.5" OLED Display. The company also provides custom design solutions.

OLED: An IPS Display?

The design of IPS and OLED panels is fundamentally extremely different. While OLED pixels are independently lighted, IPS pixels are backlit uniformly.

OLED Panels: Are They All 10 Bit?

They are native 10-bit panels once more. The CX I own attests to the fact that there is still a lot of color banding; 10-bit displays do not always outperform 8-bit displays, especially when using current-generation OLED, which handles gradients differently than LCD.

What Is The OLED Display Module's Voltage?

You may supply the OLED with 3-5V and the onboard regulator will handle the remainder because it is made to be 5V compliant. 3.3V logic and power are safe for usage with all OLEDs.

OLED Display Module Products

SSD1306 0.49" Screen I2C IIC Super Bright for Arduino AVR STM32 White 0.49 inch OLED Display Module 64x32

components sb OLED LCD Display SSD1306 Driver DC 0.91 Inch Breakout 128x32 IIC I2C Blue 0.91" OLED 128X32 Display Module, 3.3V 5V Module

For T-Beam and T-SIM, LILYGO TTGO I2C 0.96 Inch OLED Module Display Module Arduino Display Board

For Arduino ESP32 ESP8266 AVR PIC STM32 for Raspberry Pi, WayinTop 3PCS 0.91 inch OLED Display Module IIC 128x32 OLED Screen Driver DC 3.3V5V

I2C OLED Screen Driver DC 3.3V–5V for Arduino STM32 (Only Screen) 2pcs I2C SSD1306 OLED Display Module 0.91 Inch White

For use with the Arduino 51 MSP420 STIM32 SCR Raspberry Pi and Microcontroller, the DOAMYLER OLED Display Module 128x64 I2c 0.96" OLED Display IIC Serial OLED Module with SSD1306

Treedix 2 Pieces Level Shifting MicroSD Breakout Board for Arduino UNO R3 with SPI Interface

Self-Luminous Display Board Compatible with Arduino Raspberry PI ACEIRMC 4pcs 0.96 Inch OLED Module 12864 128x64 SSD1315 Driver White

OLED Display Module

ALMOCN 2PCS 0.96" I2C IIC Serial 12864 128X64 OLED Display Module with SSD 1306 Driver (2PCS, Blue)

OLED Display Module factory manufacturer supplier

IIC Serial 0.96 inch Yellow Blue OLED Display Module for Arduino 128x64 I2C SSD1306 12864 LCD Screen Board GND VCC SCL SDA